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Munich isn’t just known for Oktoberfest and its amazing beer.

It’s also known for its beautiful cobblestone streets and rich history. Runners and walkers alike can look forward to the beauty of Altstadt, the old town, as well as squares like Viktualienmarkt, where the daily food market, one of the biggest in the country, is the perfect pit stop during your workout adventure! Want a slice of culture?

Take a bite into one of the many museums like Stadtmuseum, where you’ll learn about the city’s colorful history.

"I had the opportunity to run in Munich twice last year just before the summer. I ran our tour called "A stroll in the city center". It is a magnificent city! What I enjoyed the most is the cleanliness of the city, its numerous parks which make it a very green city. I also was surprised by the number of people using their bikes to go to work".

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